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Today is Earth Day.

Suddenly everyone is conscious of Mother earth and doing the environmentally correct thing today. I went to the Grocery Store and they gave me one of those re-usable cloth bags (I had forgotten my bags in my car). The clerk told me that it is because today is Earth Day. Yesterday though they were giving out plastic bags.
Every day should be Earth Day! We MUST start treating Mother Earth with respect and loving care so that she can continue not only to sustain humans BUT all living creatures, from the microscopic amoeba to the enormous elephants, whales and yes us as well.

Over the past 100 years we have taken a toll on Mother Earth, increasing the hole in the ozone layer from all the pollution, trashing our forests, oceans, rivers and the ground itself with trash, chemicals and pesticides and contributing to Global warming
Many species are threatened with extinction as a direct result of our behavior.
Mother EARTH has shown her anger and disdain by the huge increase in large  Earthquakes recently, volcanic eruptions and severe storms and hurricanes.
We should all take a moment on this EARTH Day to be in awe at the wonder and awesomeness of the earth and how we are all one with her, and all of us PLEDGE to make every day going forward EARTH Day!
Recycle, conserve fuel and energy, GO GREEN

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