The HIV Thrive  MISSION is To Help Each Individual Live Well & Thrive, While Living With HIV

Our goal is to promote the state of well being through comprehensive Pharmacist Care, diet, exercise and emotional and spiritual well-being. It is ALL these factors that enhance one’s life and improve quality of life and promote improved health and increased vitality.

HIV Thrive was born from the successful online community While HIV drug therapy is essential in treating people with HIV, it is important to do all that is necessary to live as healthy a life possible and to do this we must encompass the WHOLE person and look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of a person, so each individual has a chance to Thrive with HIV and live to their fullest

HIV Thrive was created by “Your Online HIV Pharmacist”, Internationally recognized Michelle J Sherman, RPh, FASCP, AAHIVP.

HIV Thrive is for YOU If:

  • You or someone you know is infected with HIV
  • You or someone you know is affected by HIV
  • You or someone you know needs current HIV medication information
  • You or someone you know needs drug interaction and side effect management


“I’ve been thinking about what I’ve wanted to say about Michelle… and I’m not sure I can adequately express myself through words. She’s my first exposure to specialized care and her mentorship continues to this day. While finishing my last year of pharmacy school, I was really unsure about which facet of pharmacy I wanted to explore and ultimately settle in, when serendipitously, an opportunity presents itself for an internship I had never considered. Michelle was the preceptor for that pivotal rotation and she illustrated and exemplified how unique a profession in pharmacy can be.
Her rotation was technically a retail setting but she demonstrated how being a community pharmacist can break free of the confines of 4 walls. She was involved with community clinics, performed independent consulting, served as a board member for various ASOs, and was a preceptor for the new generation of pharmacists. She was doing it all and she was amazing at it. Now being a full-fledged pharmacist myself, Michelle continues to be an inspiration and mentor for how one should practice in the health field. I think her compassion and empathy paired with her knowledge base and expertise in HIV are what make her successful and these are the characteristics I hope to emulate from her.

I’m very fortunate that through all these years she’s been generous enough to impart her knowledge to me not just as a colleague but also as a good friend. Thank you, Michelle, for all that you have done for me and all that you continue to do for our community.”

Lord V . Sarino, PharmD

“It has been wonderful to work with Michelle! She is a great resource of information when I put patients on complicated drug regimens or when patients have questions about their medications. She has done research on various herbal and nutritional supplements and their interactions with HIV medications. She has been instrumental in getting patients to understand the importance of adherence, when other providers have failed.

Michelle is enthusiastic, approachable and truly devoted to our patients. She is a respected expert in the field of HIV, and has been teaching in various clinics and pharmacies throughout California about HIV treatment and its complicating illnesses.”
Laura Salazar, MD, AAHIVS

“I am person who has been HIV+ since 1991. I have been taking prescription medications for the treatment of it since then. The constantly changing medication therapies require a pharmacist who is experienced and knowledgeable. Michelle Sherman is the best example of a pharmacist who is both. I have known and trusted Michelle for many years. I believe in her experience and expertise. I am not just a customer who needs prescriptions filled. I am a real person living with HIV. As a man living with HIV for almost 20 years, my commitment is not to any specific retail pharmacy, it is to Michelle Sherman the pharmacist.”
Michael M – Tustin, CA

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