“It has been wonderful to work with Michelle! She is a great resource of information when I put patients on complicated drug regimens or when patients have questions about their medications. She has done research on various herbal and nutritional supplements and their interactions with HIV medications. She has been instrumental in getting patients to understand the importance of adherence, when other providers have failed.
Michelle is enthusiastic, approachable and truly devoted to our patients. She is a respected expert in the field of HIV, and has been teaching in various clinics and pharmacies throughout California about HIV treatment and its complicating illnesses. ”
Laura Salazar, MD, AAHIVS

“I am person who has been HIV+ since 1991. I have been taking prescription medications for the treatment of it since then. The constantly changing medication therapies require a pharmacist who is experienced and knowledgeable. Michelle Sherman is the best example of a pharmacist who is both. I have known and trusted Michelle for many years. I believe in her experience and expertise. I am not just a customer who needs prescriptions filled. I am a real person living with HIV. As a man living with HIV for almost 20 years, my commitment is not to any specific retail pharmacy, it is to Michelle Sherman the pharmacist.” ”
Michael M. Tustin, CA

“I have worked with Michelle Sherman for over 6 years in the field of HIV Medicine. My patients have benefited from her expertise by avoiding side effects, toxicities and adverse drug interactions. I admire her knowledge of complimentary care products. Feedback from patients is very positive, and her experience with anti-viral medications makes her a valuable resource for patients and physicians alike.”
Korey S. Jorgensen MD

Director of HIV Services at The Laguna Beach Community Clinic

“Michelle Sherman has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pharmacy at UCSF School of Pharmacy for more than 10 years. Her innovative pharmacy practice rotation equips students with the knowledge and skills to help patients with HIV manage their complex medication regimens. More importantly, Michelle is role model clinician and mentor who demonstrates on a daily basis the importance of quality healthcare with a personal touch.”
Robin L. Corelli, Pharm.D.

Professor of Clinical Pharmacy,
Department of Clinical Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy University of California, San Francisco

“Michelle Sherman is known as an HIV pharmacy expert throughout southern California. I have had the pleasure of working with her for over a decade in multiple settings: specialty pharmacies, academic and public health clinics, and the lecture hall. She has counseled many of my patients regarding their medications, especially regarding adherence and the use of alternative herbal remedies.

Through her advocacy and compassion, she has earned the respect of the community. Michelle organizes educational lectures for providers and is a popular speaker herself. Whenever I have a question regarding HIV drug interactions and safety, Michelle is the first person I call. The patients and physicians of Orange County are fortunate to have her as a resource. ”
Catherine Diamond MD MPH

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
University of California Irvine

“Mich’s pharmacology consults are consistently brilliant. Her knowledge in the HIV field is incomparable, where drug interactions and side effects are innumerable. I urge you to use her service, whatever your question or problem….I do!!!
Tom Lochner, MD
Newport Beach, CA

As you know I have needed your help many times over the years and you have always come through for me, not only in resolution, but in helping me understand all the answers and problems. You and Laguna Drug have been heaven sent to me and many other people that I know. What would I or anyone do to navigate the problems that all of us have in trying to figure out and determine how to get through all the problems and changes that come before us? I really enjoy your website–informative and interesting and love the mantra of the day as well. Please know how much you are appreciated and that life is so much more enjoyable and far easier with you helping us all.Thanks for everything Michelle
BW -Laguna Beach Calif

Michelle Sherman and the MichRx Team have been a pillar of strength & hope and a beacon of hope to many people living with HIV/AIDS the world over with their Online Consulting Services. I personally felt uplifted by the weekly Mich’s Mantras that Michelle shared online. I am touched by Michelle’s humility and compassion, she always finds time to address specific topics on a one-on-one basis and on MichRx.com Online Community Forum. MichRx.com is truly for everyone – with members from all around the world and Michelle is THE Online HIV Pharmacist. True to the word ‘infected & affected, we are all in this together!’ Whether one is infected or not, but she or he is affected one way or the other. I say BIG UP to Michelle Sherman, HIV Pharmacist & Author! May THE LORD ALMIGHTY continue to bless and guide you as you continue to be a blessing to HIV patients around the world
Job Muhwati – Harare, Zimbabwe

I appreciate how Michelle used and showed some basic tools that we can use to help us regulate our diet. Very Informative, Thanks much
TS Los Angeles, CA

Michelle’s presentation was comprehensive and easy to understand
AS Los Angeles, CA

Michelle did a great job in relating holistic approaches to living with HIV. her knowledge, skills and abilities were very obvious. She was also very approachable
LR Riverside, CA

Michelle gave an optimistic and enlightening presentation on the holistic management of HIV
NF Los Angeles, CA

Thank You! I found the presentation incredibly informational.
HH Los Angeles, CA

I really enjoyed the presentation about water. I did not know I was putting so much unhealthy stuff inside my body. I cannot continue to do that. It was very informational

Yes! great information. Thanks for your passion about this subject and your generosity

Yes. Emphasis on holistic approach to help mind-body health. Interesting evaluation of water, foods, pesticides, hormones and food chain
MM Laguna Beach, CA

Water-The different types and which to drink. The pendulum effect, very interesting
JH Long Beach, CA

Very affirming-many lifestyle changes that I’ve tackled over the past few years were discussed IE. pendulum, emf
WC Long Beach, CA

I learned a new method on how to measure the safety of water, with a pendulum. Thanks for teaching me a vital part of a tool that we need to survive

Excellent practical information and tips for maximizing health
DC Long Beach, CA

Enjoyed the presentation. I am encouraged to do better with my food. tai Chi is very relaxing for me, I used to start my workout with Tai Chi.
MB Los Angeles, CA

Great delivery and engaging. I could take an entire 8hr class of it. I was happy to know that I am already doing many of these things
AG Los Angeles, CA

I loved the breathing and water & nutritional information
MB Los Angeles, CA