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KJ&MJDr Korey Jorgensen, MD a Family Physician and HIV Specialist has been on the front lines fighting the HIV epidemic since the early ‘80’s when mysterious illnesses started showing up in gay men. Dr J has been working tirelessly treating people in Laguna Beach at the Laguna Beach Community Clinic and fighting for people with HIV as a long standing member of the Laguna Beach HIV Advisory Committee.

HIV has hit Laguna Beach hard with over 500 residents who have died of AIDS and many more who are living with HIV. Dr J has been a hero and champion to the cause and I feel privileged to have worked with him for the past 25 years.

This past Friday the Orange County Register ran a great article about Dr Jorgensen “ Everyday Heros: For Decades, Dr. Jorgensen was the man to see about AIDS” so please check it out

If you live in or near Laguna Beach get involved with us on the Laguna Beach HIV Advisory Committee and come to our next meeting on Thursday February 5th at 4pm at the Laguna Beach City Hall.

Also please LIKE the Facebook Page for The Laguna Beach HIV Advisory Committee

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