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Investments in AIDS are showing results, but the gains are fragile. Declines in international investments will affect low-income countries the most-nearly 90% rely on international funding for their AIDS programmes. Investing in the AIDS response is a shared responsibility-of donors and developing countries-and must deliver results for people.

Global Fund grants have helped save millions of lives by making billions of dollars available for HIV prevention, treatment care and support. Three million people have access to antiretroviral treatment through Global Fund grants. The financial mechanisms and systems of the Global Fund are transparent and have delivered value for communities and people affected by AIDS, TB and malaria

The United Nations values accountability and transparency. UNAIDS fully supports the policy of zero tolerance for corruption and calls for systems to ensure resources are utilized efficiently and appropriately. There is an urgent need to use and strengthen existing systems of countries and implementing partners to prevent misuse before it occurs.

Source: UNAIDS

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