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mailorderThe mandatory mail order would have serious risks to HIV patient health and safety, as well as threats to their privacy. Community HIV Pharmacies that have HIV-credentialed pharmacists and sensitive, caring staff can continue to provide exceptional care to their HIV patients, with whom they have built strong relationships, built on care and trust for many years.

This week POZ published an excellent article by Rita Rubin “Mandating Mail Order Pharmacies” that reinforces everything that we have been discussing in previous articles on the topic and how Mandatory Mail order will affect people living with HIV in a negative way. Be sure to check out the quote by Michelle Sherman in the article.

Remember Don’t take NO for an answer. Read the article on “Don’t Take NO For an Answer: How to Overcome Your Insurance Company Choosing Your Pharmacy For You”




    1 Response to "Stopping The Mail Order Pharmacy Mafia"

    • Daniel Garza

      After the interview that we just did on the ‘Vita Positvum’, where I had the opportunity to sit with Michelle and Sebastian (local superstar pharmacist). I realized how much I had under-estimated the relationship with my pharmacist.
      I’ve been one to ask questions and inquire but after this show it opened the door to ask about anything to get the best results from all my medication, not just HIV.

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