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by Scott Cohen

I hate taking pills. There, I said it. Pills are a real pill in my life.  You can’t really avoid pills when you are managing HIV.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel however.  A chance in the not so distant future to take only one pill a day.  On my search for taking fewer pills, my current pills were being neglected.  I just didn’t want to take them anymore. They felt like old friends who had lost their cool.  I wanted new friends, fewer, but better friends, even if they had a bit bigger personalities.

But then I realized quickly that it wasn’t about the pills, so I just as quickly got back on them… It was about something deeper, darker, more exhausting! That was it.  I was fatigued.  I had lost it over being told I would die in 10 years no matter what I did.  Well, it’s been over ten years and now what?  More pills…?

For you it may be something different that you are tired of.  Like the doctor visits.  Or the blood draws…. yikes!  But I bet at some point many of you have felt the same fatigue I’m referring to.  Which goes by many names like frustration, depression, survivors syndrome, PTSD, etc.  Many of you have been managing HIV for a lot longer than I have and I’m sure that comes with its own and probably bigger challenges!

I am creating a safe space where we can all acknowledge each other, encourage each other and celebrate each others journeys. I’m providing the space and asking that you come willing to share your journey with HIV/AIDS.  Whichever side of the disease you fall — survivor or supporter!

What is “Acknowledgement” anyway?  For me, acknowledgement is not a mere “Thank You,” that is an expression of gratitude and appreciation.  Acknowledgement is a creative act that grants being to the actions and intentions of others.  It is declaring what’s so.  I feel that acknowledgement looks different for each one of us.  And being acknowledged affirms our value and encourages our actions.

So I invite you to come and listen, and share if you like, while we create an environment of love, openness, connection, and self-expression; where we can let go of the past and move powerfully into our future!

Please join me in a SURVIVORS SOIREE on Wednesday, September 14th at 6 PM till 8 PM at St. George’s Church Hall, 23802 Avenida De La Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. A celebration of life event honoring long-term HIV/AIDS survivors in Orange County, California.

This soiree will be a gathering of survivors and supporters acknowledging and celebrating one another.  Please join us! All survivors welcome! RSVP to Scott @ by 8/31/16.

Survivors Soiree

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