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Today April 22nd is Earth Day and I sit back and reflect on this day, and as I do I realize how our society treats our sacred Mother earth and it saddens me!

Global warming is a crisis, it’s no secret that the polar icecaps are melting and our industrialization, pollution and toxins that spew into the atmosphere are to blame. Our rain forests are being destroyed, all in the name of progress…..REALLY…to me its like regression. How can destroying delicate ecosystems ever be replaced….it can’t.

Here in the United States there was legislation that was recently slammed down, that was proposing opening up our glorious National Parks for drilling & mining. I am sure this idea would have John Muir and President Roosevelt turning in their graves.

It seems that everything being done in the world revolves around oil and oil drilling….when will this stop!!!! When they have sucked every drop from deep within our Earth. Look at the prices of gasoline today….it’s a complete outrage & so unnecessary. We are paying every single day for Wall Street’s speculation and fear mongering. The Gulf of Mexico with glorious sea life and the people of the region will NEVER be the same since BP’s oil spill a year ago. With such an ecological and economic catastrophe BP is not punished while all in the region continue to suffer, many now with health problems as a result of the toxic oil.

War is rampant everywhere and people seem to hate each other and hate anyone or anything that is different from themselves or what they know.

Peace on Earth should be a right all of us who share her space enjoy

The entire balance of our Mother Earth is out of whack and she is VERY angry!!!

We have had enormous devastating earthquakes and tsunamis recently, all over the world, Volcanoes are erupting and the weather has gone crazy. Just look at the severe storms we had back east this winter, unprecedented snowfalls, torrents of rain in California and the west, and just last week devastating tornadoes ripping through states tearing up everything in it’s path like pieces of paper.

We must find alternative forms of energy and is Nuclear energy really clean? Just look what’s happening in Japan at the Fukishima Nuclear plant in the aftermath of last months devastating earthquake & tsunami. Japan and the Pacific in that region are now changed forever as a result of the radiation. We need to focus on solar energy and harness the power of the sun, focus on bio fuels as they have done in Brazil, and divorce ourselves from our dependency on oil,

So many of our precious animals are now on the endangered species list, in jeopardy of disappearing forever. Every living creature from the tiniest amoeba and plankton to the massive sequoias and elephants, every animal, plant, insect, and body of water needs to be treated with the same respect and in the same light. Each has its purpose in the universe and sacred life and none is superior to another. (Although most of humankind may have a differing opinion)

My pledge to you, my fellow brothers and sisters is that it must start from within each one of us and be projected out into the universe. Let’s save our Sacred Mother earth from further pain and destruction and change what we do one by one, city by city, state by state, country by country, hemisphere by hemisphere and the world will truly bet a better place for all who have the privilege to grace her with existence.

Happy Earth Day to you all, we all have the future of the Earth in our hands!


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