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Today the 13 “dirty bakers dozen”, the 13 white Senators who have been colluding in secrecy to create their version of the new American Healthcare Act emerged today with their “discussion draft” of their plan.


Is this democracy at work ….I think not. This group of white men just colluded behind closed doors with all our lives in the balance.


Here are some interesting facts:


  1. 13 senators…all white men meeting in secrecy
  2. Total USA population = 321.4 million
  3. Senators represent 10 out of 50 states
  4. Wyoming had 2 senators in this group and the total population of Wyoming is 586,107, 0.18% of the US population
  5. California has a population of 40 million people (12.5% of the total US population), no representation on this panel (of course not ….California has 2 women senators, both Democrats)
  6. The 10 states represented, represent 75.4 million people, only 23% of the total US population
  7. South Dakota which had representation only has a population of 858,469 which represents 0.26% of the US population
  8. No representation from women
  9. Each senator has 100% ranking from National right To Life Committee
  10. 10 senators are the most conservative in Congress
  11. 8 senators are from states that did not expand Medicaid
  12. Half the senators come from Texas, Utah & Wyoming
  13. Utah is represented by 2 senators and they represent 3 million people, only 0.9% of the US population


How can we call this DEMOCRACY? This is the American Horror Story

Don’t stay silent, we must #Resist. Contact your senators today

Click here to find your Senator

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